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Reflexology is an Ancient Asian & Middle Eastern healing treatment based on the principle that tension or congestion in any part of the foot mirrors tension or congestion in the corresponding part, gland or organ of the body.  Reflexologists use ‘maps’ of the feet, hands, face, ears to determine which parts of the body will be affected by applying pressure to certain areas known as ‘reflex points’.  This helps relieve tension in the corresponding body part, assisting the body to return to its normal balanced state.

Unlike traditional massage, it targets not only the main body systems that massage affects but also specific organs like the liver or kidney or specific systems such as the endocrine system.

Reflexology is a wonderful tool for helping improve overall health & well-being by accessing the ‘reflex’ points within your feet/hands/ears/face that relate to the various organs/systems within your body.  Through pressure & massage blockages can be released and areas can be stimulated to improve function.   Sessions are generally 1 hour and can be booked on its own or combined with a float tank session.

When you are booked in for reflexology we request that you make sure your toe nails are trimmed, feet are clean & you wear loose legged pants to enable access to your calf region.