Who floats?

‘Who floats?’ you ask…

Well our customers are wide ranging – from your everyday Mums & Dads,  to world class athletes, CEO’s, Woolworths shelf-packers, Joe Rogan fans (who – by the way, are awesome!), people suffering from fibromyalgia / arthritis / back pain / anxiety / depression & many other ailments.

Some customers float regularly (weekly/fortnightly/monthly), some wait until they are stressed/tired/sore & others wait to receive gift vouchers for their birthdays and Christmas.

There’s no right or wrong way to do it but it’s definitely worth keeping in mind that it can take about 3 floats to really relax into the environment & feel the full benefits.   Our customers who float regularly will tell you that the more you float, the more benefits you’ll become aware of & it may just change your life!

Check out our testimonials  to see what our customers think.

Different people come along for different reasons:

Everyday people just to relax, take time out, reduce stress & feel good.

Athletes for recovery from training injury, improved performance, visualisation.

Joe Rogan fans to explore consciousness and see what the hype is all about.

Executives for stress management & creative thinking.

People suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic pain & other ailments – to experience relief from pain, improve movement.

People suffering from depression, PTSD, anxiety – to help reduce their symptoms and reduce reliance on medications.

Mums & Dads – to take time out for themselves & recharge the batteries.

The list goes on!

Is there anyone who shouldn’t float? 

Floating unfortunately is not for everyone – if you fit any of the following criteria we suggest you give us a call to check before you book:

  • During the first tri-mester of pregnancy
  • Have had gastro or diarrhea within 14 days
  • Have open cuts or sores
  • Find it difficult to get into/out of a squat position unassisted – staff will NOT be able to assist you in/out of tank
  • Have any kind of contagious illness 
  • Have a severe mental illness (floating can be great for depression/anxiety/PTSD but we suggest you check with your health practitioner first).