Enjoyed another float today – first one in the new premises. Wow, I was blown away by the fantastic new venue. From the minute you walk through the door you can’t help but relax. Beautiful, peaceful and first class facility. Airlie, Anthony and the team are so friendly and welcoming. Can’t recommend highly enough.


Regular customer for over 4 years

I had my first float experience last week, which I had wanted to do for years. It was an amazing experience and I have felt so relax and calm since. Looking forward to next time. I would recommend The Float Room to anyone. Excellent customer service with staff being extremely warm, helpful, and who made the whole float experience that much better!


A warm, informative welcome to the float room by Airlie meant my first float experience was relaxing & enjoyable. Cleanliness, comfort & a sense of privacy well maintained. The float room provides a total retreat from the busyness of life; not just while in the tank but in the quiet space afterwards for an unhurried transition back into the hustle & bustle.


Yoga Instructor - after first float

Had my first float and felt totally relaxed and sleep after.. very clean, friendly and very welcoming. Even being claustrophobic i closed the door and felt safe. Can’t wait until my next session

months later….

Today we experienced a massage followed by a float. WOW! Walked very relaxed. My massage was fantastic the best I’ve ever had. I truly mean that too. I’m hooked! I don’t think I could just float, without out a massage.


Beauty Therapist - after her first float & after her fourth float.

From the moment you first speak with Airlie @ The Float Room you begin a journey of relaxation and discovery as well as some or more relief from physical pain. The Float Room is a safe place to enjoy your first and then ongoing float experiences! From the moment you enter you are welcomed to the moment you depart. I really love and am so thankful for the opportunity to utilise this tool called the Float Tank at The Float Room!


33 - floating twice per week since Dec 2014.

A serendipitous event brought me to The Float Room. I had long wanted to experience the total sensory deprivation of a float tank and the chance reading of an article about Airlie and her business in the employment section of the local paper started me on a journey that has brought many benefits to my personal and professional life.

Most people express discomfort at the thought of being inside a closed space in pitch-black darkness. I implore you to try it before you dismiss it out of hand. I am severely claustrophobic yet floating in body-temperature water in complete silence and darkness is powerfully restful and rejuvenating in a way that is quite difficult to describe. I float weekly and recently I didn’t float for two consecutive weeks; when I did I came out of the tank feeling completely refreshed – both mentally and physically rested. This may sound like an overstatement but in our busy world with hectic schedules and a constant state of tiredness this is a rare achievement for most people. I have found I am able to cope with the stresses and difficulties life throws at me with an unprecedented ease since I started floating regularly.

I came to floating at a time when I had taken on a new role (very different from anything I had done previously) with a new employer and therefore I was on a very steep learning curve coupled with the stringent deadlines that are part of project work. I emphatically believe that floating regularly has played a significant role in my ability to learn, retain new knowledge and skills, and deal with the often demanding client-vendor interactions.

The pitch-black darkness of the float tank is not confining or closed-in as most people imagine it to be. Instead there is a sense of limitless space, not of being surrounded by the walls and roof of the tank. If you need reassurance you can reach out and touch the walls, or reach up and slide open the roof of the tank or turn the light on inside the tank. I did this during my first float and anecdotal evidence suggests many people do the same.

What do I do inside the tank for an hour? Sometimes it is easy to still the mental chaos or monkey-chatter inside my head and drift in to a sleep-like state. Other times I day dream. Sometimes my mind is drawn to solving problems or dilemmas. It takes a bit of practice to rid your mind of busy and invading thoughts and it is not always possible. But whatever happens I always come out feeling mentally rested. I am always physically rested too because floating requires no physical effort – all muscles and joints are relaxed hence I am often able to drop my respiration rate to about 6 breaths per minute. There is quite a bit of evidence about the physical and mental effects of floating and this is summed up well in The Book of Floating by Michael Hutchinson, a very intelligible book that I recommend you take the time to read.

I float for one hour once a week but when I have the opportunity I float for 1 ½ – 2 hours. This is total luxury – floating in silence and darkness with no sense of space or time, in fact no sense of anything and that is the whole point: total sensory deprivation. However, you can choose the level of sensory deprivation: music can be piped in to the tank, the light can be on or off, or the roof can be open or closed.

I was very impressed with Airlie’s attention to detail before my first float: she pre-empted every question I had, and some I hadn’t thought of, and the level of cleanliness in the facility is high. Airlie has a lovely aura of calm about her and your relaxation journey begins with her greeting. So go ahead – give in to your curiosity and give it a try.


Project Manager - regular client for over 3 years

Floating is one of the most extraordinarily beneficial recovery tools that I can utilise as a highly driven, hard training, internationally competitive CrossFit athlete – of over 45 years of age!

To be able to absorb a heavy training load 6-7 days a week, 2-5 hours per day, I have to be 150% on top of quality recovery practices.  Floating is a miracle recovery tool for my body!

Weightless meditation, utter stillness, withdrawal from the stresses of the world, deep muscular relaxation, a profound sense of calm and the absorption of mineral salts through the pores of my skin – it is everything my body, mind and soul needs to heal and regenerate.

Floating demands nothing from my system and gives so much in return! I float twice per week and have done so for over 5 years; with a regular routine of floating I am able to recover more quickly and completely, which means I can train harder sooner, which translates into better overall athletic performance and progress.

I cannot recommend floating highly enough to athletes wanting to gain an edge and support their long term recovery and performance goals.

I simply could not do what I do without floating – and nor would I want to! I absolutely love it.

Amanda Allen

World Masters CrossFit Champion - Amanda has been floating twice per week with us for over 5 years.... , World Masters CrossFit Champion

Relaxing atmosphere, Airlie and the team really know how to make you feel at home and relax. If you’ve never had a float, its about time you did!!!


Self-employed small business owner