Before you float

If you have never floated with us before, it is important that you follow the steps below to ensure you have covered off on all the commonly asked questions and know all the tips to ensure you get the most out of your float experience.  

You might need to call us to discuss whether floating is suitable for you if:

  • You are in the early or late stages of pregnancy
  • You are currently receiving treatment for Cancer
  • You have had diarrhoea within the last 21 days
  • You have any large open cuts/sores
  • Have any sort of contagious illness
  • You find it difficult to get into/out of a floor-seated position 
  • If you suffer from a severe mental illness

Float tank introductory information:

1. Check out the ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ 

2. Have a read through the FAQ’s 

3. Watch the instructional video below   

Extra tips for a great float…

Don’t have your shower too hot before you get in the tank or you might feel cool when you lay down.

If you feel cool in the tank, try laying very still – this gives the water & air pockets around your skin the chance to all blend into the same temperature.

If your neck feels uncomfortable, try a few different positions with your arms & if that doesn’t work, try using the neck-pillow.

Resist the temptation to push off the wall of the tank – otherwise you will keep bouncing around, just let your body naturally drift away or if you need, put both hands on the sides of the tank to steady yourself for a minute before letting go.