Our services

At The Float Room we are all about providing the best float experience possible. This is why we offer a range of  therapies to complement your float tank sessions that you can combine with or even book separately to your float. Check out our Pricing page for all our pricing information. 

Float tank sessions

We recommend ‘first-time’ float sessions are a minimum of 60-minutes.  Some people like to book a 90 minute session for their first float as it gives them a little more time to relax into the environment.

After your first float session, you may choose to opt for anything from a 45 minute float through to 3 or 4 hours.

We suggest for a 1 hour booking that you allow 1.5 hours, arrive 5 – 10* minutes early & allow time for showering & having a herbal tea after your session. *First-time floaters are required to arrive 30 minutes prior to their start time.

We have two float tanks & offer a discounted package when two friends/couples/family book both tanks.   We also offer packages for multiple floats (check out our prices page).

What does a float session involve?

While many people relax into their first float quickly, it’s not uncommon for people to take a while to relax into their first couple of floats and we recommend trying at least 3 floats to really feel if it’s of benefit to you.  Some people try only one float – maybe one session didn’t change their life or cure their pain or they didn’t have the out of body experience they were hoping for…. expecting all of that from one float is like going to your first yoga session & thinking there’s nothing to be gained by doing it again.  The more you float, your body remembers the feeling and you tend to relax more quickly & more deeply.  Every time you float is different.

What does a float tank session involve?

Before you float you will be shown through & given a thorough explanation of how to operate everything & what you need to do to make your experience more comfortable.

Firstly you will need to go to the toilet & have a shower, put earplugs in (optional) & step into the tank, you do not need to wear anything. The tank is in a room with a shower and toilet.  It has a door that can be locked from the inside so you are in complete privacy.

Once you step into the tank, you sit down & pull the door back & forth to see how easy it is to open & close.  Then you check the ceiling for any condensation – if there is condensation then you just wipe it down with the cloth provided to avoid it dripping in your eyes.

Once ready, you lie back & get comfortable.  There is a neck pillow available for those who may find it difficult to relax their neck.  There will generally be music or soft ocean sounds playing when you enter the tank so you can use the volume knob to your right in the tank to adjust this to a comfortable level.  Then, once you are settled in, you can turn out the light & drift away!

The music will generally play for about 15-20 minutes at the beginning.  This will fade out & you will be left in silence for the remainder of the session.  The music will gently come back on at the end to signal that your session is finished, then you take your time, wipe off as much solution as you can whilst standing in the tank, then have a shower to wash off all the salt.

You can bring your own music or sounds along after your first float session – we just recommend that they are ‘relaxing’, without any heavy bass. You may even want to use the tank for learning & bring along a language CD or study notes on CD – it’s up to you.

Once you have quickly showered you come back out into our ‘chill’ area where you are welcome to relax , have a drink of water / herbal tea & enjoy the feeling before rushing back out into the world.

For those who find it ultra difficult to switch off & relax, we suggest a massage before your float to help you unwind.

Float & massage/infrared sauna packages

You are welcome to combine your float with a massage or infrared sauna session for the ultimate in relaxation.  Or if you are feeling extremely indulgent – why not book all three?

We find that for those people who find it difficult to relax, a massage prior to their float session can really help them to unwind. 

On the other hand – a massage after your float is also wonderful – your senses are heightened and much of the tension has already disappeared from your muscles – either way, you certainly wont regret it!

We can accommodate up to six people at the same time – with two in the tanks and up to four in our therapy rooms then swapping over – a fantastic experience to share with a friend or loved one.

Complementary Therapies


Float & infrared sauna packages

You are welcome to combine your float with an infrared sauna session for the ultimate in relaxation.  We find that for those people who find it difficult to relax, a sauna prior to their float session can really help them to unwind and relax more easily.  You don’t need to be having a float to book a Sauna at The Float Room – we have many clients who come along just for a Sauna.  A 30-minute infrared sauna session with chromotherapy costs $40, 40-minutes $50 or 60 minutes for $65,  extra person $25.


Normatec Sports Recovery & Lymphatic Drainage

Normatec Pulse Pro 2.0 pneumatic compression suit (legs, hips & arms).  Combine with infrared sauna for a complete detox or Floatation Therapy for relaxation and de-stress. Prices start from only $40 for 30-minute session, $60 for 60-minutes and $80 for 90-minutes.  We have a dedicated & quiet relaxing space for you to use the Normatec suit.

Dry Salt ( halo) Therapy

Private dry salt room for up to two friends to enjoy with chromotherapy included.  Prices start from only $40 for 30-minute session, extra person $15