Our facilities

We have taken everything we learned about floating and float tanks over our first 10 years and used it to create a facility that takes the floating experience in Adelaide to a new level.  With full bathroom facilities including toilets within each of our brand new rooms & a ‘quiet’ space to sit & have a cup of tea after your session, our focus is on making your float the best experience possible.

Tank hygiene

We maintain our tanks in accordance with strict environmental health regulations & we pride ourselves on our clean, hygienic float facilities.  The following list gives you a better idea of how seriously we take our hygiene:

  • Our tank rooms have toilets in each of the tank rooms for tank hygiene & client comfort.
  • We test our pH, alkalinity & bromine levels twice a day.
  • The inside surfaces of our tanks are disinfected twice per week.
  • Filters are replaced weekly.

The entire solution within each tank is completely changed 2 – 3 times a year (far more often than most centres!!)

The tanks are filtered for a minimum of 20 minutes between clients.

Each tank room is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected & mopped between each client to ensure every client experiences neat & clean facilities.

If you’re not sure about the hygiene where you are floating – make sure you ask, it’s REALLY important.