Frequent Floater, Intro to floating (unlimited purchases)


$170 ~ 3 x 1hour floats (valid for use by 1 person only within 6 weeks of purchase)

$250 ~ 3 x 1.5hour floats (valid for use by 1 person only within 6 weeks of purchase).

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We highly recommend trying at least 3 floats before deciding whether or not it’s for you so we have designed these two packages with this in mind. 

Your first float is really like an orientation session, many people are a bit apprehensive the first time they come along & tend to spend a lot of the time figuring out how to get comfortable, working out whether they’re comfortable with the door closed, overwhelmed by how busy their mind is, etc.  By the end of the first session most people have just started to relax into it. 

By the second and third floats you’ve figured all of that out – you know there’s nothing to be apprehensive about – you find your comfortable position quicker & you tend to be able to relax more deeply & stay there for longer.  

These packages are also for the frequent floater, with unlimited purchase.