Single float sessions (45mins to 3hrs)


*Please note –  we recommend a minimum booking time of 1hour for all first floaters

  • 45 min float tank session (allow 1.25hr)  $65
  • 1 hour float tank session (allow 1.5hrs) $75
  • 1.5 hour float tank session (allow 2hrs) $100 
  • 2 hour float tank session (allow 2.5hrs) $125
  • 3 & 4 hour float session, instore purchase only
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At The Float Room we offer a variety of float ‘lengths’.  

We recommend a minimum of the 1 hour appointment for all first sessions as it allows us plenty of time to show you through & for you to have time to get settled & relax into the environment.  

After your first float – if you’d prefer only 45 minutes that is fine, but many of our clients find that they prefer to extend their sessions out to 90 minutes or 2+ hours.   

We ask you to arrive 30 minutes before your appointment is due to start for all first float sessions and 5-10 minutes early for subsequent sessions.  If you are running late we may need to shorten your float duration in order to keep running on time. 

We provide a towel & toiletries, and we allow about 10 minutes for your ‘after-float’ showering & dressing time & suggest you allow a few extra minutes to relax in our quiet area & have a cup of tea before you leave. 

Check out our ‘Before you float’ information at least a few days prior to your appointment.