Why float with us?

The Float Room has been family owned & operated for over 10 years, so we like to think we offer the best float tanks & facilities in Adelaide.   After 10 years we know how to make sure all our clients have the best possible experience.

Our facilities have been purpose built, our shop & tank room layouts ensure customer comfort & minimised sound transference.

We take tank hygiene extremely seriously & invest a lot of time/effort to ensure our tanks & facilities are as clean as possible.  Check out our facilities to find our more about how we maintain our tanks.

We provide toilets & showers within each tank room.  We think having a toilet in each room is VITAL – firstly for your own convenience & comfort (imagine having to walk down a hallway mid-way through your float!) but also to reduce the likelihood of anyone deciding to pee in the tank or in the shower.

Our focus is on floating – it’s what we do & what we are all about.  We do have a 3-person full-spectrum Infrared Sauna and offer remedial & relaxation massage, health rebates are available – the sauna and massage are designed to ‘complement’ your float experience.

We consider each client to be as important as another & make sure we take the time to show you through how everything works & discuss how we may need to tailor your experience, e.g. if you feel the cold we can warm the room up for you, if you’d prefer music the whole time or to listen to something specific.

We have two tank rooms & by booking our sessions with plenty of time in between we can take the time to ensure your float is just right & un-rushed.